Farewell to Maine

With many ideas for next year, with beautiful memories of heavenly views during our hikes, and with 5 pounds of mussels and clams from Rats, we head out of Bar Harbor and back toward home.  This trip was so enchanting that both of my children cried over having to leave our cabin and, mostly, their cool Uncle Matt. We said farewell to the pier floating in Frenchman’s Bay right in our back yard, and to all the jellies and tiny eels swimming through it. But I’ll be sure to bring much of our Maine trip home. 

Like an obsession with tortilla meals prepared directly on the counter topped with slabs of tomato cut sloppily with the crappy cabin knife. 

Like listening good to music to help me realize that doing annoying stupid tasks (packing lunches or a beach bag, for example) are actually pretty important and not so bad.  Sure, the music may not play live from Uncle Matt’s guitar, but we will cope.

We will return home hungry for seafood, and more importantly, for a market to call our regular spot. (I’m imagining a small clean place only the locals know of, where the fishermen pop in every now and then and share their cool stories. But we’ll see how really goes.)

I’m letting our recent discovery get to my head. We found “Rats” during our trip, partially because of a recommendation from my brother-in-law, but mostly because of the sign along Route 102 between Bar Harbor and Mt. Desert. My husband most likely put his brother’s suggestion out of his mind because brothers are insane toward each other sometimes. It is hilarious.

Anyway, Rats is owned by a man named Richard A. Taylor (R.A.T…get it?), himself a clam-digger and harvester of mussels.Mr. Taylor told us funny stories dressed in a lovely Maine accent: like about how sometimes, the fog can roll into Maine and stay, “for two weeks or bettah.” And oh, my friends, I loved that. 

Anyway, with a few pints of teeny wild blueberries, with lovely incredible children who have many stories to share about their trip, and with grateful hearts, we head toward home. I already miss stumbling into the front of a sublime view after an exhausting uphill hike in Acadia, but I honestly cannot wait to return to routine enriched by the Magnificent Maine Coast.