Holy Whole30

We started The Whole30 today which means that we slashed all deliciousness from our lives and I’ve eaten probably 14 avocados.

On top of that, we will be cleansing with Garden of Life RAW. So for the first seven days of the 30, out goes red meat and coffee.

On top of that, since, I don’t know– my husband and I just like to deprive ourselves of joy from time to time, today is Meatless Monday. I’ve consumed a ridiculous amount of eggs.

Despite all of this hyperbole, I honestly feel fine. It has only been eight hours, but I have a few first impressions I really want to share.

1) I am FULL. Like, just had dinner at Grandma’s full. The three-meals-and-try-not-to-snack-ness was really intimidating. I imagined 30 days of deprivation and hanger, but I had to coerce myself to eat meal two after almost five hours since my first one.

2) Packing Whole30 lunches for a kid is difficult. I regret asking my nine-year-old if she wants to try it, and as soon as I started brainstorming her meals, I tried to discourage her. But…she inherited my love for occasional misery, apparently. I packed chicken soup with carrot noodles, cucumber slices, beets, cashews, and mango. We’ll see how she liked it.

3) Prep work was insane. We made mayo and sauerkraut and cashew butter and we roasted all kinds of squashes. My house is full of vegetables right now. It feels so good.

From the whole experience, I want to gain mental clarity and better self-control. And I mean, of course I want to lose weight…

Our scale is buried, I took Before Pictures & Measurements, and I only hope the After versions are significant enough to share.

For now,  I enjoy the death of hangriness.