Whole 30 is over! 

Full disclosure: I did Whole 26-and-a-half, and I was always planning on only 26-and-a-half days because we had a wedding to attend. A beautiful incredible wedding, I may add, and there were cupcakes with bacon on top. I couldn’t resist that because I am a human being. 

 (This wasn’t even a full-blown centerpiece. This was a little accent for a high-top table meant for casual conversation. Seriously, Rachelle & Tom– your wedding was so gorgeous.)

Results: I lost 6-point-something pounds, 3 inches off of each, ya know…section or whatever (for a total of 9″), and my skin and mind (and mirror…yikes) are clearer.

Six-ish pounds is pretty impressive, I think, because for weeks I ate more than I thought I should, never counted a single calorie, drank all the kombucha I wanted, and only worked out a handful of times.   

The plan for life after Whole 30 is to stick with compliant breakfasts and lunches. I guess I’ve really grown to love tuna from a can and butternut squash. I’ll maintain the habit of eating three full meals per day with minimal snacking, and cooking semi-compliant, veggie-heavy dinners (as usual). And of course I will make room for the occasional indulgence…like Halloween candy…and beer.