Once upon a time I believed pizza was healthy. As long as I chose to top it with peppers and mushrooms, it was practically a salad if you asked me then. I ordered those bad boys twice a week. Back then, one 30-minute Zumba class per week was exercise enough.

The in-between of then and now is probably boring. Time has raced by, and the details are too fuzzy anyway. One day I bought a bag of lentils. We moved to Baltimore where I can find a Farmer’s Market every day in the warmer months (except Monday’s for some reason…why, Baltimore?). Mostly I began to find more fulfillment in not just feeding my children the foods they love, but preparing this food at home from nutrient-rich ingredients. I dropped 20 pounds with regular at-home exercise. Certain things happened, and now here we are: healthier than we were, continuing to learn more every day, and striving to find better ways to live.

Skillet Season is my way to help people who feel like I felt: eating healthy is expensive, cooking is tricky, and foodies are dorks. 

Every recipe I stir together begins with a simple scrounge of the grocery store’s produce section. Just grab all the vegetables: whatever you like, or whatever you don’t hate.

This is a blog about mindful living & eating written by a recovering middle-of-the-grocery-store shopper, for others like me: raised on boxed instant stuffing and Steak Ums, and trying to figure out an affordable healthy escape from it.

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  1. thanks for checking out my blog.. we also enjoy eating a healthy diet.. but still love pizza 🙂 have a wonderful time on Mount Desert Island… I will keep checking for pics from the top of the beehive on your site …

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      1. good for you.. there is also the ladder trail.. have yet to do it, but a co worker told me it is cool.. and the gorham mt. trial is neat.. not too high.. from sand beach.. take the shore trail out to otter cliffs.. on the way back cross the street and start up gorham mt.. on the way up, be sure to take the cadillac cliffs spur trail which is totally cool. then continue on the gorham trail which will bring you down to sand beach.. your kids will love the rock scrambling on cadillac cliffs.. so will you!


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